Spring 1 2020 Curriculum Letter

Look! Our beans are starting to germinate.


We went on a plant hunt in our school grounds – we found so many different trees, plants and even some flowers.

Plants Knowledge Organiser

Gong xi fa cai!

Making chinese lanterns to decorate the canteen for our Chinese lunch.


We sent a video with some questions to Malaysia to find out more about how the children celebrate new year.



Spring Term Week 2

More learning in our castle topic including serving Mr Hewitt, Chair of Governors, with soup and strawberries from our outdoor kitchen.


Today we did multi sports – lots of action shots!  We worked on our throwing, kicking, balancing and rolling.




We have also been looking at the story of Red Riding Hood and had lots of drama acting the story


Spring Term Week 1

Our first week of our castle topic has been great fun with lots of learning.

New vocabulary   – keep, pallisade, bailey.



Week 24/9/18 – 28/9/18

Reception children have been developing their new role play area into a zoo vets this week.


They have also been out and about on the patio investigating how they can get the water to move from the top to the bottom of the guttering without losing any.

During our topic work we have been looking at a world map trying to locate the United Kingdom. The children then went on to find out what our flag looks like.

Monday 1st October 2018

The children went out on an Autumn walk with Mr Frith this morning. They gathered lots of items from around the school. Once they were back they used their writing skills to label the different items.


Wednesday 3rd October 2018

The children have been ordering numbers and saying what one more would be using the carpet tiles.


The older children have been looking at addition statements and what they really mean using part, part whole models and then writing down the calculation.



The children also started to plant some winter bulbs in the garden on the patio.

The children have been labelling items from a basket with the sounds they have been learning in phonics.


Thursday 11th October 2018

Class 1 went on a visit to Greenlands Farm today and had a fabulous time. We had a closer look at all the animals which was amazing. We were able to touch and feel so many different animals. The children were very well- behaved and the staff at the farm were very impressed with the children’s knowledge.












Thea made up some poems while she walked around the farm.


The bees buzz all day and afternoon
Until they see a plant and they have dinner soon.


The owls swooped with his silent wings
To catch his prey no one hears a thing.

Goat Alone

The goat was alone in the dark
Two others came when the summer starts.


The peacocks feathers are colourful and bright
But you can’t you can’t see them at all when it is the night.


The ducks are swimming down the river
Until they dip in to catch their dinner.


When sheep go to bed at night
Their wool helps them wrap up tight.


The bright colours on the peacocks feathers
Are beautiful when they’re mixed together.


The bears sleep at winter so they wrap up warm
And they come out at summer morn.

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Jean Lang one of our Governors came in to listen to the children read this afternoon.

The children in class 1 have been looking at colour-mixing with paint this afternoon. They looked at the colour chart and then used the chart to help them mix the correct colours.


Monday 5th November 2018

Science Week: Materials

The children are having a focused Science session this week on Materials. We have started the week by naming and looking at the properties of materials.

After identifying some different materials, the children sorted the selection of balls according to the different properties they had.

The children used spinners to answer What if …. questions and then talked about what they thought. For example; What if socks were made of metal? What if spoons were made of chocolate?



The children played a game where they had to roll a dice to see if they had to twist, bend, stretch, pull, pinch, squash a piece of playdough as they tried to create a hedgehog as they looked at the properties of materials.


Friday 9th November 2018

The children have been looking at the story ‘Zog’ By Julia Donaldson. On Friday the children looked at the Talk 4 Writing process then started to create their own sentences from the story using this process. They then read them out in front of the other children.

Monday 12th November 2018

Science week continued on materials focusing on conducting investigations;

The children began exploring the properties of sand and tried to build sandcastles with dry sand.


After we discussed what we could possibly add Hollie suggested “Water, that’s what I do at the beach”. The children then explored building sandcastles to fit rules. The rules were they had to have a roof and a wall, have a hole to hold a rubber inside and be able to hold a 500grm weight. We then conducted our first investigation by finding out how much water you should add to make the strongest sandcastle. The children found out that two cups of sand to three cups of water could hold the most amount of weight and was the strongest one. The children talked about the sandcastle collapsing if you added too much water or if you didn’t add enough water.

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Here are some photographs from our Continuous Provision;

The children develop their ideas further on building a fire truck adding pipes, steering wheels and a pumping system complete with storage tanks to hold the water.




Wednesday 14th November 2018

This afternoon we have been investigating the best thing to add to mud to make the strongest castle. The children came up with all sorts of ideas like grass, stones, sugar, salt, hay, grass, leaves, flour, washing up liquid, juice, oil and milk. The children narrowed it down to leaves, flour, washing up liquid, oil and juice for our test.


The children mixed the ingredients and made the mud castles keeping other elements all the same. They then tested to see if the mud castles could hold a small weight (100 grams) a middle weight (500 grams) or a heavy weight (1kg).

Just incase you are wondering …… the best ingredient to add to mud to make a strong mud castle is juice!

The children discussed why each of the other materials didn’t work and decided that the juice is full of sugar and that must have helped it stick like glue. Charlie suggested our next investigation should be to try sugar free juice and see how strong that is!