Caton Primary School loves sport and physical education.

We strongly believe that taking part in sport and physical activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Through sports and physical activity, our children learn to demonstrate excellent teamwork, empathy, ambition, drive, resilience, communication, control and humility. Throughout the year, every pupil has the opportunity to participate in competitive sports.  We take part in the Lune Valley cluster sports events as well as other events throughout the Lancaster and Morecambe area. We believe that success comes in many forms and we encourage all our pupils to use the medium of sport to raise their ambitions and reach for the stars.

Our pupils also take part in Forest School learning and we ensure that we make the most of our fabulous environment by regularly taking our learning outdoors. To foster our children’s love of the outdoors and appreciation of our beautiful surroundings, we take Key Stage 2 on an annual hike in the countryside. In addition, we take our Year 3 and 4 children on an outdoor activity residential trip.

We offer various after school sports clubs throughout the year including: running club, parkour, tennis, football, gymnastics, cross country, orienteering, cricket and multi-skills. We also make full use of our fabulous outdoor climbing frames and trim-trails, running track and orienteering course.

End of Key Stage 2 Swimming Data

The data table below shows the current percentage of our Year 6 cohort that have met the End of Key Stage 2 national requirements for swimming.

  • The percentage of our current year 6 cohort that can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.
15/18 children


  • The percentage of our current year 6 cohort that can use a range of stroke effectively.
15/18 children


  • The percentage of our current year 6 cohort that can perform safe self rescue in different water based situations.
17/18 children