The children split into small groups looking at the Monarchy, British food and money.

British food: The children discussed what they thought people would say is typical British food and made a list. This included yorkshire pudding, pork pies, beans, scones, apple pies, fish and chips, grapes and sausages. They then had the opportunity to try a British scone with jam and cream.

Money: The children looked at the coins and notes we use today and made rubbings of them using wax crayons. The older children looked at older coins before Decimal Day in 1971 and made coin rubbings of these and then worked out how many they would need to make the equivalent to our money today.

Monachy: The children found out some facts about Queen Elizabeth II and her family. They found out when she was married and when she became Queen.

Katrina Harkin Class 1 teacher

In reception and year 1 we worked on places we would find in Morecambe, Blackpool, the Lake District and Lancaster and the children had to match the pitures to the places.

In year 2 the children built models to look like landmarks from the pictures. They also had to match clothing from the past and present times.

In year 3 and 4 the children had to place the flags of the countries on to a map and research them.

In year 5 and 6, the children had to locate the towns and counties of football teams in the premiership and place them on a map.

Wendy Connor Class 2 teacher