I warmly welcome you to Caton Primary School, where we believe passionately in children having a wonderful childhood and an education that prepares them for their lives ahead.

We aim to create a secure and happy environment where all children can enjoy learning and develop lively and enquiring minds, in a safe, stimulating and secure environment. We care about our pupils’ learning, about their safety, about their emotional and physical well-being and about their understanding of the world we live in today.

We are a small school with one huge strength: we know our children inside out, and we use this knowledge to motivate, encourage and care for them throughout their time at our school.

We recognise that in order to be successful adults, our children need to develop perseverance and resilience alongside developing the core skills of reading, writing and maths. We spend seven years devoted to developing essential skills and nurturing individual strengths – supporting and developing the talents of each budding artist, athlete, actor, musician, inventor or explorer!

We strive to develop an awareness of moral values and mutual respect between all members of our school community, and as such we place great emphasis on our children being polite members of the community. We are the village school and are at the heart of this village community; all members of the community are made very welcome in our school.

We are blessed with a supportive Governing Body and a fantastic PTA , both of whom enhance the children’s experience of life in school. The PTA organises many events throughout the year and raises a substantial amount of money for our school.

Our school has a strong sense of family, due to the close relationships we have with our children’s parents. All parents are welcome to share our weekly celebration assemblies on Monday afternoons, choose a book from the library with their child each week and to attend various performances, sports days, parents’ and open evenings.

We are proud of our school and of every one of our pupils. Come and see our happy school for yourself – we warmly welcome visitors and are always pleased to show you around.

Gail Bowskill

Head Teacher

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1 month ago

A very big welcome to everyone who will be joining our school in September! What a wonderful Reception class we're going to have!

1 month ago

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1 month ago
Photos from Caton Primary School's post

A very happy, healthy and safe Easter to all.

1 month ago

This one will get you thinking. It's a bit far fetched but you can blame Johnny Ball for that!

Four boys have to cross a rickety rope bridge over a canyon at night to reach a train station. They ... See more

1 month ago

New version - apologies.

1 month ago

There are lots of people that we need to say thank you to, the list is endless. Here is our thank you to all those people who are helping keep us safe and well, especially those in our own school ... See more

1 month ago

Look carefully...

1 month ago

Today's conundrum:

A zookeeper was asked how many camels and ostriches were in his zoo. This was his answer: "Among the camels and ostriches there are 60 eyes and 86 feet."
How many of each kind of ... See more

1 month ago

Today's conundrum.

1 month ago

Today's maths conundrum:
How many animals of each sex did Moses take on the Ark?

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1 month ago

What a wonderful week of home learning! Well done to all our children and thank you once again to parents for your support.

Class 1 have had such fun with their naughty buses. What great ... See more

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Happy birthday, Captain Tom!

1 month ago

Happy birthday to our very own Mrs Jarvis from all of us.

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